Fall Fun show & sale

By November 25, 2014What's New?

Could hardly have been any more  fun!  The shows went well – 155 entries, cattle good, etc.  The unique event additions made the arena rock with laughter!    The “Climb Aboard A Cutter” contest for riders who had never shown a horse before proved thrilling, challenging and exciting for 19 people who have been intrigued about cutting.  A few had been taking lessons ahead of time – it was obvious!  Many just showed up – all smiles and giggles and Climbed Aboard!  When the final buzzer sounded, the crowd was cheering and riders  were beaming!  All were proud and amazed and wanted to do it again!

The Private Treaty Horse Sale provided an opportunity for sellers and buyers to get together, show off their horses, compare horses and take time to make a good decision.  By Sunday afternoon, 4 horses had sold.  Within 2 weeks, 4 additional trades had consummated – two of those to “Climb Aboard A Cutter” participants!

It was truly a great way to finish the season by inspiring new cutters for the next year.