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3C Wildcard Cutting Jackpot & Practices Weekend Feb 3 & 4, 2024

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Due to lack of entries, our February NCHA shows are cancelled – but – we will host a 3C Wildcard Cutting Event on February 3, 1pm. One class, payouts like a 3D barrel race jackpot. Come have some fun and tune up for March!

  • 3C Wildcard Cutting $160
  • $100 added to the jackpot
  • Practices on Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 10am
  • Practice Runs $45
  • Novice Horses and Riders Welcome
  • Stalls & RVs $25/night
  • Email Nina Lundgren to enter
  • Reserve your stalls here


Cutting Show Schedule Changes!

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Cuttings coming up all have Futurity, Derby, 5/6 and weekend classes. All are 3 shows over 4 days. The last two events have date changes:

  • August 17 -20 – Get your entries in early for $25 Discounts per horse! Enter by August 11
  • October 5 – 8 (Originally scheduled for Oct 12 -15) Get your entries in early for $25 Discounts per horse!
  • November 2 – 5   (Originally scheduled for Nov 9 – 12)

Stall, RV and entries in early….Get an early entry discount – $25/horse! Contact Nina Lundgren: 509-539-3435

Summertime Fun at Bonina!

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$35K Non-Pro Champions


June 1 -4 kicked off the summer with four days of outstanding cutting at Bonina! There was a Friday night dance, Saturday night speaker and buckles and bags to the winners!

The gang at Ukiah Cutting Campout


Away from civilization, in a big mountain meadow, it was endless cutting, quiet camping and great food! We practiced without pressure and had unlimited cattle. Our hosts, Dick Levy and Anne Coote are the best!

It was fun to tune up High School Cutters en route to National Finals in Wyoming. These talented kids are well-mounted, have a great attitude about their expectations and appreciate this opportunity.


The most appreciated implement at Bonina is a new, huge water truck! Dust has been a problem! Blame it on dry weather, too much traffic, playful cattle or expect it because it’s a ranch, the reality is that dust causes lots of issues. This enormous water-spraying machine is tamping down the dust on the roads and in the pens. Horses, cattle and people are much happier.

Bonina Elite Treats Joint Support


The latest addition to our nutrition line – a power packed pelleted treat for joint comfort. Bob made the formula some time ago. I found it and with help from Dr. Mike Mehren, sourced the ingredients and a manufacturing facility. The treats are a tremendous hit with the horses! They love them! And, they’re getting glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM in every bite! When the dose is doubled, they’re therapeutic!


Cuttings coming up all have Futurity, Derby, 5/6 and weekend classes. All are 3 shows over 4 days. The last two events have date changes:

  • August 17–20 – Get your entries in early for $25 Discounts per horse! Enter by August 11
  • October 5–8 (Originally scheduled for Oct 12 -15) Get your entries in early for $25 Discounts per horse!
  • November 2–5   (Originally scheduled for Nov 9 – 12)

Stall, RV and entries in early….Get an early entry discount – $25/horse! Contact Nina Lundgren: 509-539-3435



2018 mare sired by Once In A Blu Boon out of Smart Sweetie Cat.LTE $5,400. Smooth, cowy, big stop. 14.2, red roan. Sweet, no bad habits. Trailers, shoes, ties, rides outside. HERDA n/n.

Contact Nina Lundgren

SDP Hy Jane

2014 beautiful mare by Hydrive Cat, LE $22,000. $5K eligible. Sweet, smooth, big stop, very well bred – a weekender’s dream. Ready to show!

Contact Nina Lundgren


To a good home for nominal price. 2 year old gelding sired by Hashtags. He’s smart, obedient, quick, willing … awesome to work with, but has undiagnosed lameness in shoulder. His name is Naughty Nuke!

Contact Nina Lundgren


2005 Express 4 Horse Living Quarters trailer. Easy to pull, electric jack, well maintained. Cowboy conversion interior. Reversible custom seat covers. Bench converts to couch or bed. Full bath, large shower, air-conditioning, microwave, stovetop, large refrigerator. Many more extras! For more photos, text: 509-539-3435

Contact Nina Lundgren

“Cutting horses need the keenness to think and respond, the strength and speed to stop and turn and the intelligence and ability to break down a cow. This ability calls on every system in a horse’s body. For a horse to perform at its peak, feed the entire system. Feed OXY-EQUINE ENHANCED…it doesn’t leave anything important out of his diet!”  – Denton Moffat, DVM


Bonina Elite Treats Joint Support

Introducing Bonina ELITE TREATS!

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Joint support at the highest level in the easiest to feed format! A power packed pelleted treat that supports your horse’s joints. Regular feedings could reduce or even eliminate the need for regular injections. Made with all naturally sweet ingredients and loaded with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM – what’s not to love?!

Bonina Elite Treats Joint Support

2023 Happenings at Bonina

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Every day at Bonina is a kaleidoscope of unique activities. It often starts with a warm welcome to a client for lessons on cattle. Those sessions evolve into training…we are always training: colts, young horses, finished horses and riders.


Clinics are a very popular way to advance horsemanship. Information is consolidated and provides an opportunity to learn at a new level. Riders form friendships and support that carries to the show pen. Bonina hosts clinics focusing on cutting showmanship, trail riding competitions and barrel racing.


Bonina Event Center brings cutting horse competitors from across the nation and Canada. They appreciate the good cattle, good ground and friendly atmosphere.


Bonina regularly hosts these contests because they are a natural fit for the performance horse and rider – as the nature of the ranch is exactly what other contests emulate.


Bonina hosts barrel races and barrel racing clinics at the Event Center which draws a big crowd of racers of all ages. In winter they use the indoor arena and the summertime circuit finds the outdoor arena teeming with fast paced barrel racing events.


Bonina’s high potency horse supplements are gobbled up by every horseman in every discipline and season of life. Oxy-Equine Enhanced supplies the performance horse with all its needs for peak performance.
FREEDOM supplements the broodmares, yearlings and any others kept in groups. S~Elect replaces electrolytes. BOOST gives a horse that extra charge of energy without sugars! O’Sweet Gold helps prevent and treat inflamed joints.  B*Good helps the nervous horse behave. You can shop online and order directly shipped to your barn door!


Noble products house every horse at Bonina. There are Noble stalls attached to the arena, 60 guest stalls, a 9-stall trainer barn and many pens. We recommend them highly and sell Noble products as a dealer. Contact Nina Lundgren for best price information. 509-539-3435.


The Bonina breeding program is intense and aims to pair up excellent broodmares with top cutting horse stallions. Each year there’s a new colt crop with sires like Stevie Rey Von, Smooth Talkin Style, Dual Reyish, Sanctus, Rollz Royce, and Metallics MVP. Colts may have new owners before they are weaned or during their yearling year. At two, the colts enter the training program.


Lone Crow Farms is heading up cattle feeding at Bonina. The operation combines feeding with farming and retail beef sales. Lone Crow Farms is set up to wean, grow calves and finish. They have kept the same experienced crew to manage day to day care. Bunk space has been added and capacity expanded. Contact Cody Hoseth 509-994-0870 for feeding information.

2021 Dates Set for Versatility Clinic & Ranch Trail Challenge at Bonina!

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On the Horizon in 2021 – Trail & Versatility at Bonina

  • March 12-14, 2021 – Versatility Clinic with Nina Lundgren & Mary Jane BrownENTRY FORM
    • Get ready for the Bonina Ranch Trail Challenge with this all-around ranch versatility clinic. You’ll get world class instruction with NCHA Hall of Fame Member, Nina Lundgren along with Mary Jane Brown! From cow work, to ranch riding and competitive trail fundamentals–our instructors will give you the help you need to get ready for competition! 
  • March 18-21, 2021 – Ranch Trail ChallengeENTRY FORM
    • This is one of the premier ranch trail challenges in the northwest! Join fellow equine enthusiasts from around the country for this fun weekend of ranch trail, ranch riding, beginner cow work classes and more! There will be divisions and classes available for every rider level. 

To learn more about opportunities to ride at our events or come to the Ranch for lessons or just to come say hello, contact Nina Lundgren at 509-539-3435 or email her directly at

2020 Ranch Trail Challenge Results

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2020 Ranch Trail Challenge A HUGE SUCCESS!

    • CONGRATUALTIONS to our 2020 Buckle Winners:
        • Buckle Winner: Mickie Maxson-Box
        • Buckle Winner: Stephanie Nelson
        • Buckle Winner: Holly Jones
        • Buckle Winner: Cindy Mello

    To learn more about opportunities to ride at our events or come to the Ranch for lessons or just to come say hello, contact Nina Lundgren at 509-539-3435 or email her directly at

    The Omega Balance: Why the Perfect Ratio Matters

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    Balancing the Omegas
    Did you know that Vitamin E and the Omegas 3 and 6 work together to maintain healthy cell function in the body? Today’s focus topic is on Omegas – essential fatty acids – nutrients that every horse diet can benefit from. Without Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin E would not be able to perform its function of providing cellular repair.

    It is important to realize cellular repair happens on a daily basis to maintain normal function and that Vitamin E is essential for that process; however, this doesn’t mean your horse is always in an injured state. Here is a brief insight of what goes on in a damaged cell – you’ll see how Omegas are a key ingredient to initiate this repair process.

    Visualize this: Omega 6 comes in to stabilize an “injury,” add in Omega 3 which cleans up the cell, which then makes room for Vitamin E to repair the malfunction. With all three of these ingredients readily available in Bonina Nutrition products, your horses won’t struggle to maintain a healthy inner body and immune system.

    Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential fatty acids that should be included in every equine diet. It’s important to choose a balanced and complete feed for your horse whether he is performing or providing pleasure rides. When these two fatty acids are provided in the correct ratio, they help the horse’s body respond to exercise and exertion at all levels.

    Our products are one of a select group of supplements that offer these three essentials in
    the same feed…but more importantly – in the correct ratio to make a difference!

    Why is it important that Omega 3 and 6 be provided in a balanced ratio? Many diets are loaded with Omega 6, but would require additional Omega 3 supplementation to reach a 1:1 ratio, the ideal ratio in which all three ingredients can “do their job.” This is where Bonina Nutrition formulas separate themselves as one of the best supplements from the just-ok. To reach the perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6, we add flax and canola meal; thus, you will see these added Omega 3s in the guaranteed analysis – creating the 1:1 ratio required for optimal nutritional benefit.

    Now – here’s how your horses can benefit from this high concentration and perfectly balanced level of Omega 3 to Omega 6:

    Omega 3
    *Reduces Inflammation
    *Aids in injury repair
    *Aids clean up of injury sites
    *Responsible for maintaining cell structure

    Omega 6
    *Increases inflammation response (necessary to stabilize injuries)
    *Supports the immune system

    We recommend you feed our Vitamin/Mineral supplement OXY+EQUINE ENHANCED or our complete feed BOOST based on your horse’s particular needs for optimal essential fatty acid support in his diet. If you have questions about which supplement would work best for your horses, email Sterling Autry.

    Order direct here: