It’s an exciting journey for the young cutting horse. The more days under saddle, the better a horse understands his job and the more confident and connected to the cow he will be. Three year-olds travel along with show horses to weekend shows to accustom them to life on the road. Their show career begins in the fall of the 3-year-old year when they will show in Futurity classes at the Limited Age Events. Most of them learn to love this job we call cow cutting.

Teaching the fine art of entering the herd to cut a cow.

Are you intrigued about learning how to ride and show a cutting horse? That’s just as satisfying for Bonina as training good horses, we pride ourselves on training great riders, too! Bonina has the kind of environment, staff, facilities, and attitude for you to learn the thrill of the show pen. Contact Nina today to find out how you can learn to “go cut!” at Bonina.

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Horse Training and communicating with a horse is an art that requires many hours of patient repetition. Horses have distinct differences in the way they think, in their conformation and way of moving.

Training a Cutting Horse is teaching the horse to stop and turn efficiently to control a cow. The horse and rider must learn to “read” or understand a cow and what it is likely to do when separated from its herd mates.  When cattle get scared and move quickly, horses need to be smarter, faster and quicker.

Showing a Cutting Horse successfully is a team effort involving the competitor, horse, trainer and the herd help. The trainer is there to talk about strategy, guide the rider through the run and help with cattle selection. Working together, we all have fun!

Trainer Nina Lundgren, a 2017 NCHA Members Hall of Fame Inductee, has NCHA lifetime cutting earnings over $532,451 (as of January 2023) .  She trains and shows weekend and Limited Age Event horses. She loves coaching cutting, has patience with students and an ability to help  horses and riders become the best they can be.

At Bonina, it’s a la carte… “according to a menu that prices each item separately”
Our services are billed according to what we do:

  • Board ~ stall & run ~ includes Oxy-Equine Supplement ~$14/day
  • Board ~ pen ~ includes Oxy-Equine Supplement ~ $10/day
  • Shavings ~ $10/bag
  • O’Sweet Gold Supplementation (10,000 mg Glucosamine & 10,000 mg MSM/day) ~ $1.50/day
  • Exercise/trotting & loping ~ $25/ride
  • Cutting Training ~ $50/ride
  • Lessons, includes Cattle ~ $75 per session
  • Horse Hauling to & from Shows or Vet ~ $.50/mile

You’re welcome to come by, check us out and join “TEAM BONINA”!

Between weekends, a regular work schedule is kept:

MONDAY – FRIDAY horses are worked on cattle.  Lessons every day.

WEEKENDS – there are shows or events most weekends from February – November. Lessons may be held on weekends throughout the year if there is no other activity scheduled at the Event Center.