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Optimize your equine athlete’s performance and training with Bonina nutritional products.  Products are formulated to address your special horse – the performance athlete, the broodmare and the rapidly growing colt, the horses with sore hocks and old injuries and all horses who need salt and electrolytes!

We have the nutrition products to turn your good athlete into a great one!

Exceptional Training & Cutting Horse Program

There is no more diverse cutting horse operation in the Northwest. Here, you can have it all: world class facilities with an abundance of fresh cattle, a top-notch professional trainer, diverse and challenging events and clinics, an outstanding, proven breeding program…Whether you are wanting to show, buy, learn to cow cut or have your horse in training, Bonina is the place to be.

World Class Facilities & Events

Bonina Event Center is the hub of all things cow+horse. Drive in and hook up for a clinic or a week of lessons? Check. Need to host your club’s next cutting show or Trail clinic? Check.  Are you looking for bulls and a great BBQ? Check. Whether you are attending an event or putting one on, Bonina Event Center has everything you need for a great experience whether you are the clinician, participant, spectator, buyer, seller…or the casual visitor. Contact us today about your next event or check out our calendar for the fun we always have in store here!

The Omega Balance: Why the Perfect Ratio Matters

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Balancing the Omegas
Did you know that Vitamin E and the Omegas 3 and 6 work together to maintain healthy cell function in the body? Today’s focus topic is on Omegas – essential fatty acids – nutrients that every horse diet can benefit from. Without Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin E would not be able to perform its function of providing cellular repair.

It is important to realize cellular repair happens on a daily basis to maintain normal function and that Vitamin E is essential for that process; however, this doesn’t mean your horse is always in an injured state. Here is a brief insight of what goes on in a damaged cell – you’ll see how Omegas are a key ingredient to initiate this repair process.

Visualize this: Omega 6 comes in to stabilize an “injury,” add in Omega 3 which cleans up the cell, which then makes room for Vitamin E to repair the malfunction. With all three of these ingredients readily available in Bonina Nutrition products, your horses won’t struggle to maintain a healthy inner body and immune system.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential fatty acids that should be included in every equine diet. It’s important to choose a balanced and complete feed for your horse whether he is performing or providing pleasure rides. When these two fatty acids are provided in the correct ratio, they help the horse’s body respond to exercise and exertion at all levels.

Our products are one of a select group of supplements that offer these three essentials in
the same feed…but more importantly – in the correct ratio to make a difference!

Why is it important that Omega 3 and 6 be provided in a balanced ratio? Many diets are loaded with Omega 6, but would require additional Omega 3 supplementation to reach a 1:1 ratio, the ideal ratio in which all three ingredients can “do their job.” This is where Bonina Nutrition formulas separate themselves as one of the best supplements from the just-ok. To reach the perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6, we add flax and canola meal; thus, you will see these added Omega 3s in the guaranteed analysis – creating the 1:1 ratio required for optimal nutritional benefit.

Now – here’s how your horses can benefit from this high concentration and perfectly balanced level of Omega 3 to Omega 6:

Omega 3
*Reduces Inflammation
*Aids in injury repair
*Aids clean up of injury sites
*Responsible for maintaining cell structure

Omega 6
*Increases inflammation response (necessary to stabilize injuries)
*Supports the immune system

We recommend you feed our Vitamin/Mineral supplement OXY+EQUINE ENHANCED or our complete feed BOOST based on your horse’s particular needs for optimal essential fatty acid support in his diet. If you have questions about which supplement would work best for your horses, email Sterling Autry.

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The Need for E: Does my horse have enough Vitamin E?

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Common Signs of Vitamin E Deficiency

Does your horse have a hard time recovering after a workout? Tie up easily? Is he losing muscle?

In case you are wondering what our supplements can do for your horses – whether performance or pasture pals who may show these signs of deficiency – the amount of Vitamin E in his diet may be the culprit. Unfortunately, the proper amounts of Vitamin E CANNOT be found in hay! In general, various types of hays can lose from 30%-80% of Vitamin E in the drying process. Unless your horses rely solely on a diet of fresh green grass, it is likely they are deficient in Vitamin E.

How can you address this vital nutritional deficit in hay? With a quality nutritional supplement. Bonina Nutrition products are set apart from others because of the increased IUs of Vitamin E in each product. Why do we boost our formula? For the benefits, of course!

Vitamin E Benefits (They are huge!)

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the horse’s cell membranes and helps ward off disease. Horses deficient in Vitamin E suffer from fatigue as well as damage in the muscular and nervous system. Some horses can show skin issues, diminished muscling, and low immunity. Vitamin E deficiencies are very common in horses that get a lot of exercise, travel and compete.

A recent study showed that horses who were given 800 IUs of Vitamin E per day did not maintain their optimum blood and muscle Vitamin E levels. Bonina’s Oxy-Equine Enhanced has 8,000 IU of Vitamin E for this very reason!

If any of these symptoms or dietary regimens sound familiar, then you need to check out the guaranteed analysis of both Oxy-Equine Enhanced and Boost and their levels of Vitamin E and Omegas (which help deliver the Vitamin E throughout your horse’s system). We guarantee that your horses will thank you!

Do you still have questions about Vitamin E? Contact Us today to learn more!