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We own an Arabian horse breeding operation in Montana with two stallions and mares for lease. We depend on FREEDOM for our mare and foal program's continued success. We love it!

Merlin Hochstetler, owner of Majik ArabiansNo matter what breed, FREEDOM fits the bill!

Many of the boarding horses were wood chewers seeking minerals they were lacking. We put all of them on Oxy-Equine Enhanced and it virtually stopped the chewing (with the exception of a couple of boredom chewers)– now there’s a big difference in fencing repairs! Plus, they have great coats!

Shawna Garcia, Equidae Animal Therapy and Rehab, Maple Valley, WAOxy-Equine Enhanced all but eliminated our chewing-challenged horses!

I can tell by looking at a horse’s coat if they are lacking in selenium or magnesium. When Oxy-Equine Enhanced is added to the regimen, rough coats shine right up. Their coat is a reflection of how they feel inside. If they are healthy, they are happier, too!

Tim Fields, Farrier, Longview, ORThe outside of a horse can tell a lot about his inside!

Since I started using Oxy-Equine Enhanced, my horses have completely blossomed. I can’t get over how smooth, soft and shiny their hair coats have gotten. My shoer says the growth of their feet has never been this good. And, their over-all body condition is just amazing. The other thing I love about Oxy-Equine Enhanced is that it is a complete mineral supplement. Instead of feeding 3 or 4 different things, I now just feed the Oxy-Equine Enhanced. The cost savings is amazing. I can’t recommend this product enough for anyone who wants to improve their horse’s performance and health.

Christy Fullen, 3x National Senior Pro Rodeo World Barrel Racing Champion - 3 time National Senior Pro Rodeo World Champion Barrelracer - Firewater Spirit NSPRA Horse Of The Year Oxy-Equine Enhanced: convenience & cost savings - one supplement does the job of three!

I primarily dispense Oxy-Equine Enhanced to barrel racers and people with running horses. They love it! Their horses look great. They're running great - and if they look good, they feel good!

Don Peter, DVM, Frontier Genetics, Hermiston, ORMy barrel racing clients love it!

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A concentrated and complete feed with salt and Oxy-Equine Enhanced vitamin-mineral supplement that heals and strengthens hooves, haircoat, nerves, immunity, muscles and typing up.


FREEDOM A vitamin/mineral supplement which may be fed free-choice. Ideal for group-fed horses and pregnant mares. Prevents Developmental Orthopedic Disease (DOD).

“Nutrition can make a good athlete great or a great athlete good. Nutrition is the fuel for performance. An athlete’s physical training is crucial, but that training cannot be optimal if the fuel isn’t optimal.”

– Allen Tran, Chef, Sochi Olympic Games

Optimize your equine athlete’s performance and training with Bonina nutritional products.  Formulated especially for performing horses and targeting muscle building, conditioning, hydration, aches, pains and early development.  We have the nutrition products to turn your good athlete into a great one!

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