Meet Katie Lyle – Colt to Cow Connection Contestant

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Our 2019 Bonina Colt to Cow Connection contestants have been selected! Each trainer will step onto a 60-day colt and teach him to work a cow. Five head of cattle available per colt each day.  Competitors will be judged 25 minutes Day 1, 20 minutes Day 2, 15 minutes for Finalists on Day 3. Winner will receive a champion buckle and cash prizes will be awarded to the top competitors. 

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2019 Bonina Colt to Cow Connection Contestant…

Name: Katie Lyle, 22

Location:Walla Walla, WA

Currently Training At: Hiner Performance Horses & Takes Outside 2-Year-Olds

# Years Training Horses to work cattle: 3

Background: Grew up on a cow/calf operation in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Went on to College in Walla Walla to get her Animal Science and Agri-Business degrees finished. She was referred to Diehl Hiner after college to help ride horses and that quickly turned in to a full-time position. Since 2017 has continued starting all of their two-year-old colts. This coming year she will get to see those horses shown at Fort Worth and will begin getting to participate showing horses. Katie also takes outside 2-year-olds to start and welcomes new clients. 

First lesson you learned about putting a horse on a cow? “Teaching the horse that it’s in control. When the horse learns that they dictate the movement that’s when they really find confidence in their job. Even in a using situation it really makes difference for that horse to understand that they’re in charge.”

Influences: “I’ve been pretty blessed with the opportunities I have had. My mom has taught me so much about starting colts and took me to clinics with Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman. My experience on the ranch with my father taught me the fundamentals of stockmenship. Diehl Hiner has really taught me everything I know about performance cow work and it’s been a real privilege to learn from him. I guess you could say, Mom taught me how to start a horse, Dad taught me how to use one, and Diehl showed me how to take it to the show pen.”

Expectations for the 2019 Bonina Colt Cow Connection: “I’m just hoping I can communicate to the audience what a connection should look between a horse and a cow. I want to be able to show what I like one to feel and look like doing their job.”

Feel free to contact Katie to learn more about her training services at: 509-288-1913

Photo: Pictured riding a 3-year-old (with 20 rides) dragging one to the fire.


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