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Playing Matchmaker

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We recently received a nice thank you card from a client who is not only enjoying her BNL raised and trained horse, but enjoying the compliments from others! We appreciate your compliments as well, SK!

Had another great weekend riding Sweetie (BNL Sweet Royalty). Everyone is so impressed with how quiet she is.  I continue to share how you matched us up and share how important early and positive training as well as breeding is.

Enjoying the sunshine, thank you again!

Race Horses on Oxy-Equine

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Received this note from our reproductive veterinary specialist, Dr. Don Peter, “I have an order for another bag of Oxy-Equine… The client is using it on their running horses.  Say they have never had their horses in such good condition and they seem to recover from training sessions quicker….Their vet said the blood he drew for plasma had a higher red cell count than any he has seen before!”

Billings Horse Sale

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Great trip to the Billings Horse Sale.  Bob, Nikki and Nina took 4 nice horses.  We were proud of our consignments – many compliments on how they were conditioned and trained.  Each horse landed in perfect hands.  Our darling “Macho Man” went to a trainer in Iowa who will do reining and reined cow horse with him.  The always calm, “Checkers” stayed in Montana with a proud rancher who wants to cut and let his 8 year old granddaughter take a ride.  “Cat Burgler” will be in the hands of a trainer in Texas who trained the 2014  World Champion Team sorting horses.  And, “Brunetta” has a new home in Canada with a young lady who does a lot of outside riding.

Fall Fun show & sale

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Could hardly have been any more  fun!  The shows went well – 155 entries, cattle good, etc.  The unique event additions made the arena rock with laughter!    The “Climb Aboard A Cutter” contest for riders who had never shown a horse before proved thrilling, challenging and exciting for 19 people who have been intrigued about cutting.  A few had been taking lessons ahead of time – it was obvious!  Many just showed up – all smiles and giggles and Climbed Aboard!  When the final buzzer sounded, the crowd was cheering and riders  were beaming!  All were proud and amazed and wanted to do it again!

The Private Treaty Horse Sale provided an opportunity for sellers and buyers to get together, show off their horses, compare horses and take time to make a good decision.  By Sunday afternoon, 4 horses had sold.  Within 2 weeks, 4 additional trades had consummated – two of those to “Climb Aboard A Cutter” participants!

It was truly a great way to finish the season by inspiring new cutters for the next year.



Get Ready for Fall Fun!

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Pre-Registration is now open for one of Bonina’s premier fall fun events – the Wild Women of the West Weekend!  A cutting clinic exclusively for women to learn, laugh, and let go.  Check out our flier for information below and register online, too.  There are limited spots available, so hurry and get registered for fall fun and cutting, cutting, cutting!

2014 WWOWW



Cutest colt

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Here’s the baby pictured on the breeding page when he was only a few minutes old.  Now he’s 2 months old and is just adorable!  He was easy to name with a Mom named TacoBell and big daddy, Cats Merada… This one will be called:  Ring Da Bell!

Great Blue Mountain show

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What a great show day we had yesterday, Aug 23rd, right here at home!  Cutters kept rolling in, bringing the show total to 102 entries!  The show ran quickly and smoothly.  First place winners received a bag of Bonina’s SELECT – a salt and electrolyte supplement, which is especially helpful this time of year when the horses are exercising and sweating profusely.

During the show, there was a break mid-day for an informal meeting and discussion.  President, Bob Lundgren, guided lively discussions on show issues and cutters gained clarity on the direction of the club.  All participants were invited to the October 24 – 26 NCHA show at Bonina  which will include a private treaty horse sale and a “Climb Aboard A Cutter” buckle contest.

The highlight rides were by first-time cutters and members, Joy LeTourneau riding Catzolena, Becky Bradbury on BNL Kit Cat  who won 1st and 2nd respectively in their class!  Natalie Brown made her cutting debut showing 3 times aboard her new mare.  Helping and watching these new cutters was a thrill for all of us!



Super Summer of Cutting!

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Team Bonina has enjoyed many, many highlights this year.  We each show as often as possible, with a different combinations of riders at the various events.

Our current goal is to maintain the leads posted by Cascade Cow Cutters for year-end awards.  It will be a battle through the finals show, but I am confident Team Bonina will be in excellent position for awards.  Current class leaders are:  Sydney Sylvester – $2,000 L Rider; Terrie Goiney – $35,000 Non Pro and $15,000 Novice Non Pro; BNL Bells N Pistols – $5,000 Novice Horse (ridden by Nina)  and $5,000 Novice Non Pro (ridden by Holly Jones); and Autumn Checks (ridden by Nina) – Derby, Open.   Watch for other top contenders who could make moves in their classes:  Barb Westbrook, Mary Waller, Bonnie Ehrenberg, Susan Beller, Glenda Bansmer, Kay Dee Johnston, Rob Kuiper, Megan Hunsaker, Gwenda and Mark Music.

At the August Cascade Cow Cutters show, Team member, Terrie Goiney, practically gave a clinic on making the most out of a last place draw!  She cowgirled up, sorted out extra ornery cattle and scored a 76!   On the same day, BNL Hytap Dancer impressed the judge and her rider (Nina) when she scored a 75!  This 5-year old is maturing into an outstanding show mare.

Washington Cutting Horse Association hosted a great event in July that brought in “haulers” coming from the Calgary Stampede show.  It is an honor to ride with these  horses and riders.  Nina was pleased to bring home checks on BNL Hytap Dancer in the $5,000 Novice and Autumn Checks in the Derby, Open.

The Cutting Campout at Ukiah, Oregon July 21 – 24, tops it all for summer cutting fun!  We had great cattle and ground.  Fabulous meals were prepared by Loraine Varianno and Mike LeGard. Each rider contributed to the meals.    The 3-year-olds grew up a lot  by going away from home, working hard twice a day  and experiencing new surroundings.  Cecil Stuurmans and his good dog enjoyed gathering cattle in the misty mornings.  Janie Larson should have earned an award for sticking it out on the cot in her horse trailer even during the downpour.  She simply pulled the tarp up and toughed it out!

While at Ukiah, we enjoyed a few days with LaPine Rodeo Queen, Nikki Chapman, who came to help lope horses and see her friends.  We hope to see her back in Washington this fall.  Help also came from Maddie Johnson of Ellensburg who loped and practiced on Loraine’s good horse, Annie.  Maddie might get to ride her next year in High School Rodeos!

Barb Westbrook makes the most of every day with her family and horses.  After riding in Ukiah, she brought her favs – Chuck and Dee Dee to Bonina.  Then, she hurried home for family stuff and returned the following week with granddaughter, Hannah, 9 years.  Hannah was a delight.  She helped Grandma and was polite,  rode Kit Cat on the flag and fit right into the Team when we went to the Cascade show.

Carolyn Brown on Cats Highbrow Orphan, Holly Jones on BNL Bells N Pistols and I on Autumn Checks and BNL Hytap Dancer, ventured over to Kalispell, Mt for the Big Sky Limited Age Event.  We were proud to make the 2nd go on the horses even tho we missed finals.  The cattle were very tough, but we didn’t lose a cow.  We challenged ourselves and came home better prepared for the next show.

Blue Mountain’s show in Selah, June 21st, was a huge thrill for Linda Dick when she scored a 74 on Burp!



Welcome To Our New Website!

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Thanks for stopping by.  We just launched so there will be many changes over the coming weeks and months.  We hope you’ll take a look around and hope you find the information on our website useful!